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How we brought 4X increase in sales for our client

Warren is the inventor of Voltclaw. The product provided tangible and tremendous benefits to both electricians and DIYers. Warren and his team had worked really hard to perfect the product and that brought them tremendous exposure including being reached out to by Home Depot and also featured on the famous TV Show, This old house.

Previous Marketing Efforts

NTC Tools had previously tried various marketing methods to increase the sale of their product. According to Warren, the CEO of NTC Tools, the previous marketing efforts were not profitable when the commission fees for the marketing were taken into consideration. NTC tools also tried the print advertising methods taking out ads in relevant magazines and other related mediums.





We are currently working with Visonform creating a sales campaign for a tool that we develop. We are very pleased with their service and their vision. Sam and his staff are a joy to work with. In the second month of the campaign Visonform was able to increase our sales by four times the amount of our previous sales. I would highly recommend them and look forward to using their services on future projects.

Warren Tarbell | CEO NTC Tools



When NTC tools was introduced to us, their primary goal was to increase the sale of their product online. They were primarily selling on amazon but were also available for purchase on major websites such as homedepot.com.


The main challenge in the sale of the product was the customer education. The product provided tremendous benefits to the consumers but the low sales (when compared to potential sales) was that the consumers needed to be educated on what the product had to offer and how it could benefit them.

Our Approach & Solution

Our solution was to create Ads and Landing pages that would clearly outline the benefits of the product and how it could be beneficial to the them. In addition to that, we marketed to various different audiences with different messaging to find the perfect audience for their product.


The approach of targeted audiences with the proper education about the benefits of the product resulted in tremendous returns. Within a short amount of time working with Warren and NTC Tools, we were able to increase their sales almost 4X when compared to the normal sales they were getting. In addition to that, due to well designed landing pages and ads, we were able to improve their conversion rate by 37.7%.

What we delivered

  • Ad Copy & Creatives
  • Landing Pages
  • Sales Funnel
  • Listing Optimization
  • Previous Marketing Efforts Analysis